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A word to future editors from Dolores - Owner/Editor of Austin Editing

When I first conceived of Austin Editing I had the idea of an editing movement for the people of Austin, by the people Austin.  I imagined a group of editors available and ready to meet with students at coffee shops around the University of Texas campus or with professionals on-site to provide editorial advice on an as-needed basis.  I envisioned a group of qualified editors like myself – educated English-degree holders who wanted to make use of their skills and not end up, like so many English majors do, at places that don’t value what they can truly bring to the table. If this sounds like you or someone you know, drop me a line. I’m always looking for editors to help meet the needs of the Austin community. Submit your resume and cover letter to We’ll be in touch ...

Meet Dolores - COMING SOON!

Check back soon for a video from Dolores!

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